How to convert your Vidio dek presentation into a slideshow?

1. If you want to have a slideshow on your Vidio dek presentation, please click "Slides" from Generate Presentation.

2. Wait for the conversion to be completed.  Once completed, you will be receiving a mail notification and you will see a direct link of your slides.

3. Click the cloud icon to open or save the presentation.

4. If you chose to save the file - a window will appear and will direct you on where the file will be saved.

5. A folder will be created on your computer that will contain your slideshow.

6. You may now view your images and do a slideshow on your image viewer.

Note:  The created file for the slide show are images ( PNG files) and cannot be opened directly in Powerpoint. However, since these are images, it can imported in Powerpoint via the insert picture procedure in your Powerpoint templates.

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