How to align the text in Vidio dek?

1. If you will be using a different template -- for example the business template wherein there is a Professor and a board, it is most likelihood the text will not have a center alignment because we need to consider the clip art of the Professor occupying the left portion of the slides.

2.  If this is the case -- you need to edit your text by clicking the advanced setting button located just below the automated voice over.

3. In this example, the Horizontal alignment was reset from center to right.  Depending on your need and your preference, you may change the text alignment, vertical alignment, width container etc.

  4. You can also edit the font size.

 5. You may also edit the font type. Font color or add text padding.

6. You may want to change also the slide theme - in this sample, I chose the Professor to be on the right. Be sure that when you change the slide theme, you change also all the alignment.

 6. Hit save so that all your changes will be saved.

 Note:  For custom templates wherein there are no clip art either to the left or right -- then there is nothing to worry as the alignment will be defaulted to center.

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