Socispot Autoplay on Facebook Timeline

Whenever Socispot images are posted into the Facebook timeline, it will display the thumbnail image and the description text first, along with a play button to display the hotspots.

While Facebook has recently rolled-out a feature to auto-play content across the timeline, this is limited to media that are uploaded directly to Facebook, and several major 3rd party services, like YouTube.

As such, the play button needs to be clicked to display the hotspot(s) from a SociSpot image, regardless of the current setting.


Capturing the click can be helped by several aspects:

1. Post text - Call-to-Action texts, coupled with a few words that pique the viewer's interest.

2. Image - self-explanatory, attention grabbing images work best.

3. Image description - Is a simple text area which you can customize. This appears on the image preview as shown below:

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