Socispot Reseller / Agency / Developers Rights information

Socispot PRO customers are entitled to a feature called Developers Rights (A.K.A. Reseller / Agency)

The rights allow the customer to sell the software as a service to clients / other parties.

Here is an example usage scenario:

Customer approaches Pizzeria Owner who is looking to increase his/her brand visibility online. If the owner has a Facebook page, the customer can offer to create hotspot-enabled images (and possibly turn them into paid FB ads) for a fee.


Q: Does the reseller rights allow me to sell access to the software?
A: No, the access remains only to you. You can choose to share your access but this is NOT recommended.

Q: Is there a setting I need to enable to use Developers Rights?
A: No.

Q: Do I need to unlink my account and link my client's Facebook account to integrate Socispot?
A: While that is one way of doing it, it is very tedious. A more ideal set-up is to obtain Admin access to your client's Facebook page so that you can access that from within one account.

Q: But my client does not want to give me admin access! How do I proceed?
A: You can supply the URL provided by the software to the client and they can post it manually. Please see second arrow point below:

Q: How much do I charge clients for the service?
A: The cost is completely up to you. You might want to look at several factors when deciding, such as: size of business, competitors offering social media management, etc.

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