Supported Custom HTML tags

SociSpot includes a very powerful feature in Custom HTML hotspots which is a way of accepting HTML codes within the App's platform. Due to the powerful things that you can do with the codes, we have created this document to serve as a reference of what tags have been tested to work with SociSpot.

A custom HTML hotspot set-up box.

Here are the supported tags:

Anchor tag (e.g. <a href=''>Some text here</a>)
Bold tag (e.g. "He was <b>ready</b> to leave!")
Break tag (e.g. "The boy put on his coat.<br />His coat was...)
Font tag (e.g."<font size='24' color='#0000FF'>This is blue, 24-point text</font>")
Image tag (e.g. <img alt="" src="" class="full-width" border="0">)
Italic tag(e.g. That is very <i>interesting</i>.)
List item tag (e.g. <li>Apples</li>)
Paragraph tag (e.g. "<p class='blue'>This is some body-styled text.</p>.")
Span tag
Text format tag
Underline tag (e.g. This is <u>underlined</u> text.)

There are more tags that are likely to work with the custom HTML hotspot element.

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