How To Customize Hot Spots

Part One: Add New Video

1. Click the "Easy Sketch Pro logo" on the top left 

2. Click the "Plus Sign or ADD NEW VIDEO" 

3. Enter a video URL from Youtube, Vimeo or on a self-hosted MP4 video link.

4. Click the button"Add this Video"

Part One: Adding and Customizing Hot Spots

1. Click on any video you have uploaded

2. Click on the Play button

3. Click "Add new Hotspot" on the right side of the screen

4. Click the glowing hotspot

5. Customize the hotspot on the left hand side of the screen

        Step 5-a: Choose Hotspot Icon

        Step 5-b: Choose Hotspot Icon Color

        Step 5-c: Choose Hotspot Icon Size

        Step 5-d: Set time duration for the Hotspot Icon to appear or *force capture

                    *force capture - a function that is used by Makemyvideointeractvie, wherein it will automatically stop the video at the time that was set by the user, and prompt the Hotspot Icon/s.

        Step 5-e: Choose a Type Hotspot that you desire, which are the following:

        - Call to Action
        - Telephone
        - Skype
        - YouTube
        - Vimeo
        - Instagram
        - SoundCloud
        - Facebook Page
        - Twitter
        - Aweber
        - MailChimp
        - GetResponse
        - Sendreach
        - GoToWebinar
        - CampaignMonitor        

6. Once all changes is done, Click "Save"

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