How To Setup MailChimp Account

This allows you to integrate your MailChimp as an autoresponder using


Part One: Connect your MailChimp API key

1. Login to

2. Click your profile from the top right corner

3. Click"Settings"

4. Enter the API Key from your MailChimp Account. 

To find your MailChimp API Key:

        4-a. Login to your MailChimp Account at


        4-b. Then, from the menu on the top right, click on your Username


         4-c. Click "Account" in the flyout menu


          4-d. Click on dropdown tab "Extras" and Click on "API Keys"


          4-e. Click the "Create A Key" Button


          4-f. Select and Copy the generated API Key


5. Paste it on the Makemyvideointeractive Account Settings on the MailChimp Area


6. Click "Save changes" button

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