How To Share Your Video Via Email Or Chat

This will allows to share your video via Email or Chat using


Part One: Create Hot spots on your Video

  1. Click the "Easy Sketch Pro logo" on the top left 
  2. Click the "Plus Sign or ADD NEW VIDEO" 
  3. Enter a video URL fromYoutube, Vimeo or on a self-hosted MP4 video link.
  4. Click the button"Add this Video"
  5. Click on the video you have added
  6. Click on the Play button
  7. Click "Add new Hotspot"
  8. Click the glowing hotspot

        Step 8-a: Choose the duration of the hotspots
        Step 8-b: Choose a type, for this example select "Youtube"
        Step 8-c: Enter a Youtube URL
        Step 8-d: Click "Save"


Part Two: Sharing you Video

  1. Click the "Share Icon" on the top right 
  2. Copy the URL on the "Embed Code" area

3. Copy the URL on the "Public Link" area

4. Paste on you chat box or email

ex.: Facebook Chat

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