How To Change The Control Bar Color

NOTE: Changing the control bars only applies to Youtube and Self-hosted Videos, This does not apply to Vimeo videos, it has certain restrictions which limits this feature. 

This allows you to custom and change the color of the video control bar using


Part One: Adding New Video

1. Click the "Easy Sketch Pro logo" on the top left


2. Click the "Plus Sign or ADD NEW VIDEO"

3. Copy a video URL from Youtube, Vimeo or on a self-hosted MP4 video link.

ex: URL from Youtube

4. Paste the URL on Makemyvideointeractive

5. Click on the video you have added

6. Click on the "Edit this Video" button on the top right portion of the screen

7. Change the colors of the "CONTROL BAR COLOR", "PLAYER CONTROLS COLOR", and "PLAYER SLIDER COLOR" that are located on the left side of the screen

8. Click "Save" button

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