OneSoci and Facebook connectivity issues

Symptoms: You are not seeing the Pages that you are an admin of, or the groups that you own when you click on the drop-down menu either via Post, Cover Photo, etc.

Cause: OneSoci was not granted all permissions that it needs (click here for more info) to work 100%

Resolution: To resolve the issues, you will have to re-trigger the permission request from Facebook by completely removing OneSoci from your Facebook App list, and re-adding it.

Note: This guide includes steps that would ask you to change some settings on your Facebook account. If you encounter any problems following the steps that are done in Facebook, please contact us in support.


Please log-in to Facebook on a tab in your browser

Please log-out of OneSoci


On Facebook, click on the drop-down menu in the top right, and click on settings.

Once in settings, click on Apps and type OneSoci on the search box that appears. Click on the item below the search box.

You will then be taken to the Permissions screen which shows you the permission that were granted to OneSoci.

Click on the Remove App button to unlink your Facebook account and reset the permissions.

On the next dialogue box, click on Remove, but make sure that you DO NOT tick the box to remove your previous OneSoci data (posts, etc.) unless you want to.

Once removed, Log-in to OneSoci and click on the upper-right drop-down button. Click on Switch Account.

You should now be prompted to confirm the permissions that OneSoci needs. It is important to accept all (click OK) of the permissions that are requested for 100% functionality.

Set post privacy to Public

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