Linking OneSoci to your Facebook account

When you log-in the first time to OneSoci, you will be asked to link your Facebook account. This is where all the necessary permissions are set for OneSoci to work properly.

Note: This guide includes steps that would ask you to change some settings on your Facebook account. If you encounter any problems following the steps that are done in Facebook, please contact us in support.

I. Initial Setup

The first step in using OneSoci is to open a browser and Sign-in to Facebook. This ensures that OneSoci integrates smoothly into your account.

After logging-in to Facebook, open OneSoci on another tab in your browser. You will get a message that you need to link your account.

Click on the button and you will be asked for the necessary permissions.

Note: It is important to set the permissions (Click on OK) as stated in this guide to ensure 100% functionality.

1. Give Permission for Groups

2. Set posting permission to Public

3. Allow OneSoci to manage your pages.

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