Posting to your Facebook pages

NOTE: There is a separate article for Facebook Groups. Click here to learn more.

Pre-requisite: You need to be an admin on the page that you wish to post to.

To post to your pages, follow these steps:

  1. Either select a post from Content Discovery or Create your post
  2. Select your page from the drop-down
  3. Post the content

Additionally, if you wish to change the cover photo of a page that you manage.

  1. From the dashboard, click on the drop-down at the left pane
  2. Select your page
  3. Click on the Cover Photo link
  4. Click "Change Cover Photo"


If you are not seeing any Pages, including ones that you are an admin of, it is possible that OneSoci does not have the permission necessary to do so. Please click here to resolve the issue.

If you are seeing some of the Pages, it is possible that you do not have admin rights to the other pages and thus you will be unable to post to them using OneSoci.

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