Does OneSoci support other languages?

The user interface of OneSoci is only presented in english at the moment.

The articles grabbed by the Content Discovery system prioritize English articles, and can often return no results for foreign language searches.

Country/Language Market News
Argentina - Spanish es-ar X
Austria – German de-at X
Australia – English en-au X
Brazil – Portuguese pt-br X
Canada - English en-ca X
Canada - French fr-ca X
Chile - Spanish es-cl X
Colombia - Spanish es-co X
Czech Republic cs-cz X
Denmark – Danish da-dk X
Finland – Finnish fi-fi X
France - French fr-fr X
Germany - German de-de X
Hong Kong* – Simplified ChineseX zh-hant-hk X
Hungary - Hungarian hu-hu X
Indonesia - English id-en X
Indonesia - Indonesian id-id X
India – English en-in X
Israel - Hebrew he-il X
Italy - Italian it-it X
Japan – Japanese ja-jp X
Korea - Korean ko-kr X
Malaysia - English en-my X
Malaysia– Malaysian ms-my X
Mexico- Spanish es-mx X
Netherlands - Dutch nl-nl X
New Zealand - English en-nz X
Norway – Norwegian no-no X
Peru – Spanish es-pe X
Philippines** – Filipino tl-ph X
Philippines - English en-ph X
Romania - Romanian ro-ro X
Russia Federation – Russian ru-ru X
Singapore - English en-sg X
Spain – Catalan ca-es X
Spain – Spanish es-es X
Sweden – Swedish sv-se X
Switzerland - French fr-ch X
Switzerland - German de-ch X
Switzerland - Italian it-ch X
Thailand - Thai th-th X
Taiwan* – Traditional Chinese zh-hant-tw X
Turkey – Turkish tr-tr X
United Kingdom - English en-gb X
United States - English en-us X
United States - Spanish es-us X
Vietnam – Vietnamese vi-vn X
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