Posting to Groups

NOTE: There is a separate guide for Facebook Fanpages / Pages, click here to learn more.

OneSoci allows users to post to groups that they are an Admin of, but not groups that they are just a Member of.

To post to a group, either grab a post from the Content Discovery feature, or create your own through the designer, or the Create Post button. After confirming the content, you should see this screen:

Click on the drop-down menu (item 1) and scroll down to see the groups. Click on the group where you want to post and either click on Post Now, or Queue it in the scheduler.


If you are not seeing any groups, including ones that you are an admin of, it is possible that OneSoci does not have the permission necessary to do so. Please click here to resolve the issue.

If you are seeing some of the groups, it is possible that you do not have admin rights to the other groups and thus you will be unable to post to them using OneSoci.

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