Cover Photo designer

Using OneSoci, you can edit a page's cover photo using the Cover Photo Designer.

To get started, click on the Change Cover Photo button.

Next, click on the button.

You will then be taken to the Designer.

  1. This is the main canvas where the design comes together.
  2. If you have any templates, they will appear here. Templates are an amazing, and quick way to get designs.
  3. Allows you to add a Text-element that you can fully customize
  4. Allows you to add shapes / vectors that you can resize and recolor
  5. Allows you to upload your company logo that you can use to personalize the design
  6. Allows you to set a photo background from our gallery, or set a color as a background.
  7. Allows you to save a design for future use
  8. Pushes the cover photo to your page / profile.
  9. Download the design as an image
  10. Preview the look of the cover image with the Facebook elements

For each of the elements, there are editing options that will be made available to you.

[Text Element Only]

1. Allows you to customize the text
2. Choose the font style
3. Font Size
5. Choose font alignment
6. Choose font emphasis
7. Change line height

[Text and Shape elements]

4. Pick shape / text color
8. Set shape / text transparency
9. Reorder shape / text layer order

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