Posting through OneSoci

Through OneSoci, you can post articles to your Facebook page(s) while being able to preview how it would look like.

To get started, click on Create Post in the Dashboard

Once again, click on Create Post.

You will now be presented with the post options

  1. This is the preview pane - this is where you will see how the post would look like.
  2. This is the page selection drop-down; if you have / manage multiple pages, you can pick which page the post will go into
  3. We have three layout options: Link, Photo, and Text**
  4. This is where you can put the text or link that will appear on the post
  5. If you have pasted an article, this is where you can select the image that will appear on the post. If you select the Image-type post, you can upload your image from here.


**Link - you can paste a link to an article in (4) and OneSoci will automatically grab its contents

Image - you can upload an image and put a caption in (4)

Text - create a plain text post.

After completing the fields, you can either schedule the post or immediately by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

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