How To Post Iconlead Image With Your Own Domain

How To Post Iconlead Image With Your Own Domain

1. Login to your Iconlead account.

2. Go to Gallery

3. Choose the image you want to post then click on it.

 4. On the right side of the screen, click on the embed icon.

5. A dialog box will appear, click on  "Copy This Code" button

6. Once you have copied the code of your Iconlead image, go to your site where you want Iconlead image to be hosted

7. Then go to your admin dashboard

8. Click on "Pages", then choose on the page where you want the Iconlead image to be displayed.

9. Below the page that you have chosen, click on "Edit"

10. Choose on the "Text" editor then paste your Iconlead image embed code 

11. Hit on "Update" button

12. Click on "View Page" to preview the page

13. Copy the URL then you may now post it.

14. if you want to post it to your Facebook timeline, login to your account

15. Then on your timeline paste on the copied URL 

16. Wait for the image to load then you may delete the URL once the image is loaded. You may add a description of your post. You may also edit the title of the image.

17. Hit on the "Post" button





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