How To Connect to Facebook

How To Connect to Facebook

 1. On the left corner of the screen, click on "Settings"

2. Then click on "Connect To Facebook"

 3. Click on "Okay"

4. On the top corner of the screen, you can see a notice that says "Connected to Facebook successfully"

5. Click on "Gallery"

6. Choose the image that you want to post

 7. Click on the image that you have chosen

8. Then click on the "Facebook Tab Publish" icon on the right side of the screen

9. Choose the page from the drop-down arrow

10. Then hit the "Save" button

11. Go to your Facebook page that you have chosen the image to be posted  

How To Manage Your Facebook Tab 

1. On your Facebook page, Click on "More" below your page cover photo.

2. Then select "Manage Tabs"

3. Click and drag the tab or app to move it

4. Then hit on the "Save" button

5. Click on the Iconlead tab to display the image that you have created.

How to Change Facebook Tab Name

Note: Make sure you are login to the Facebook you posted Icon Lead Tab

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Apps in the left column
  3. Click Edit Settings below the Icon Lead
  4. Enter new "Tab Name" and click "Save

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