How to Play MP3 using Iconlead

How to Play MP3 using Iconlead

1. Go to "Gallery"

2. Choose then click on the image where you want the hotpost for your MP3 to be created

3. On the image, select then click the area where you want the hotspot to be displayed

4. A dialog box will then appear

5. From the drop-down arrow, select the Social Hotspot type that says "Social" 6. On a new tab, search for an MP3 hosting platform. In this article we chose Soundcloud as an example

Note: You may sign up on the site if you wish to customize or upload your own MP3 tracks

7. On your Soundcloud account, choose on the playlist you wish, then click on the "Share" button

8. Then copy the link

9. Go back to your Iconlead account, then paste the link on the second box that says "Link"

10. Add a description, fill in the redirect URL if you want them to be redirected then choose your hotspot.

11. Hit the " Save Hotpost" button afterwards


12. You may now enjoy listening to your own playlist by hovering on the hotspot then clicking on the "Play" button.


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