How to Create and Add Image with Hotspot

How To Create And Add Image With Hotspot

1.On the left hand menu, click Create.

2. Then hit the "Click Here To Add New Image" Button.

3. Choose and upload the image you wish to create hot spot on.

4. On the image that you uploaded, click on the area on where you wish the hot spot to be displayed. Once click, a dialog box will then appear.

 Note: In creating hot spot, Select types that you can choose from. In this example, "Social" type was used.

5. Search on the internet on what you wish to be displayed on your hot spot. It's either an image (Pinterest), video (Youtube)or a website. In this example, I want to search for a menu image.

6. Right click on the image you have chosen, then click on "Copy image URL".

7. Then paste the image URL on the tab that says "Link".

8. On the second tab, enter the text you wish to be displayed within the hot spot.

9. Then on the last tab, enter the URL you wish the hot spot to be redirected once click.

10. Choose a hot spot design you wish  from the drop-down arrow.

11. Then hit the "Save Hotspot" button.

12. Hover on the hot spot to display what you have created.







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