Pagenisis Pro: How to Use Cyber Poster

How to Use  Cyber Poster

1. Click Settings from the Left Menu.

2. Then choose Cyber Poster.

3. Select the Fan Page on where you want to post it from the drop-down arrow.

4. Choose the Publish Order from the drop-down menu.

5. Turn ON Cyber Poster Automatic .

6. Click Add Video From. After that a dialog box will appear.

 7. Enter Keyword.

8. Select the order from the drop-down menu.

9. Enter Quantity.

10. Click the Create button.

 11. Click the Video Icon. After that, a dialog box will appear. 

 12. Choose a video that you want to schedule then click Schedule Now button beside the link.

13. Click the radio button to add a description of the video.

14. To schedule the post, click the radio button on the right. 

15. Then choose the day and time  you wish the post to be scheduled from the drop-down arrow.

16. After that, go to your Fan page to check what you have posted.


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