Pagenisis Pro: How to Add Video Advertisement

How to Add Video Advertisement:

1. Click settings.

2. Go to Video Optin.

3. Select a Fan Page from the drop-down arrow.

4. Then click Add Video Advertisement to the right corner .

Note: You can add video advertisement in two ways but not both. Either by uploading an image or just by simply adding a text description.

A. Uploading an Image:

A.1. Click the Upload Image button

A.2. Click the Add Files button. 

A.3. Then select the image that you want to upload. Ex. I chose the image download.

A.4. Click the Open button.

A.5. Then click Start Upload.

A.6. After the image has been uploaded, click the OK button.

A.7. Select image from the drop-down arrow.

A.8. Enter the URL.

A.9. Select the position you want the image  to be placed in your post.

A.10. Then click the Create button.

B. Adding a Text Template:

B.1.Type in the text template.

B.2. Enter the URL of your text template.

B.3. Select the position you want the text  to be placed in your post.

B.4. Then click the Create button.

5.  Video advertisement templates are displayed below.

How to Check the Templates you Created:

1. Go to the Search Menu, click the drop-down arrow then choose Youtube.

2. Type in a keyword you want to search.

3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Order field.

4. Then hit the Search button.

 5. Put a check on the video you want publish.

6. Choose a Fanpage where you want the video to be posted.

7. Then click the Schedule Publication button.  

8. Type in your post description.

9. Select a date you want your video to be posted. 

9. Then select the Video Ad Template you want to add in your post. 

10. Then hit the Schedule Publication.

10. Go to My Schedules.

11. Select the Fanpage where you have chosen your video to be posted.

12. Then click the Search button.

13. If you want your post to be posted right away, then click the Publish button. 

 14. Go to your Facebook account.

15. Then check your post in the  Fanpage you have chosen.


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