How to Search and Publish

How to Search and Publish 

How to search a video on Youtube:

1. Go to the Search Menu and click the drop-down arrow.

2. Type in a keyword you want to search.

3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Order field.

4. Hit the search button.

How to publish the video on your Fanpage:

1. Put a check on the video you want to publish.

2. Select a Fanpage where you want the video to be posted.

3. Hit the Schedule Publication button.

4. Type a video description on the message box.

5. Then click the Schedule Publication button.


When selecting a day for post to be published, Your post will be scheduled for not before than tomorrow.

If today is Friday and you want your post to go out tomorrow please choose Saturday. If you select Friday, the post will go out next Friday.

If you want your post to go out today please schedule them for any day and then click Publish button next to it.

6. Go to My Schedules.

7. Select a Fan Page from the drop down arrow.

8. Hit the Search button.

9. When result is displayed, click the Publish button.

10. Then check the video you have posted on your Facebook Fan Page. 







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